Free Antenatal Class

Free Antenatal Class: 

Womb to World: To Confident Parenting?


Antenatal Class


Congratulations on being pregnant.

You are no doubt excited and preparing for the birth of your baby. Dreaming about what your baby will look like and feel like to touch and hold. All of those 'baby thoughts' are bringing warm, fussy, mushy and  loved up feelings deep within your heart. Your heart is now open for new discoveries. 

Womb to World To Confident Parenting

In our western culture, the hectic pace in which we live in, of rushing, constantly being on the go and connected to the outside world, mothers are conceiving, carrying and birthing under increasing stressful conditions.  It is no wonder, Newborn Mothers then feel exhausted and overwhelmed after the birth, caring for their baby 24/7. Well I am here to say it does not have to be this way.   I am here to provide a  re-insurgence of a more traditional ways of caring for Newborn Mothers after childbirth, where they feel nurtured and supported.  Where the old forgotten art of 'Tender Loving Care' TLC enables mother's to be able to cope better with sleeplessness and enjoy their baby. Where positive breastfeeding experiences are possible when a mothers feel relaxed and at ease. Where  a close bond between a mother and baby can happen when  given the time and space to get to know each other in a more deep and meaningful way.   

 Old Traditions 

 In traditional cultures the emphasis is NOT placed  on the pregnancy and birth but when AFTER the baby was born. Newborn mothers are nurtured in a way that makes their heart sing.  Mothers are given only two jobs: to fall in love with their newborn baby and learn how to breastfeed. The saying " It takes a village to bring up a child" is so true because when a mother is given the support and  freedom to take timeout she will reap the reward for a lifetime.   I believe in the  philosophy 40 days for 40 years, meaning if the mother is given the opportunity of 40 days of rest then she will reap the rewards for 40 years, a lifetime of happiness for the next generation.  

Modern Times 

So you are probably thinking that these older traditions of nurturing mothers  sound lovely but are no longer possible.  Your reality is one where your husband works,  you have no family in town and have other children to consider. Well I am here to tell you that there are ways of incorporating old traditions into our modern society so that you too can feel peace and joy in motherhood.  

Take the first step today!

  1. Step 1 Book in to the Antenatal Class
  2. Step 2 Ask for an In Home Free Clarity session
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Step 1 Book  Here for Free Antenatal Class

The antenatal class: prepares you to be a confident parent.  Secret tips and tricks shared. The 3 topics covered are:
  1. How to Embrace Baby Brain to feel Nurtured and Relaxed as a Newborn Mother.  Replace those negative thoughts around 'BABY BRAIN' of feeling emotional  and  forgetful.   Use 'BABY BRAIN' to your advantage.  Learn how to increase your oxytocin  (love hormone) to feel nurtured and supported as a Newborn Mother.
  2. How Positive Breastfeeding Experiences are Possible. Have others told you about their horror breastfeeding stories? Take the fear of the unknown away and learn about how BREASTFEEDING. Learn how it is instinctive for babies but a learnt skill for mothers. Learn how to recognise the 'Baby Crawl' that first feed and feeding cues, along with the difference between baby led feeding verses mother led feeding. Observe and practice how to breastfeed with the use of dolls and how to establish and maintain long term milk supply. 
  3. How to Understand 'Baby Talk' and the Crying Baby. Have you been kept awake at night feeling anxious and concerned about doing the wrong thing or fearful of not knowing  what to do if your baby  cries or is unsettled?  Learn about how to 'TUNE IN' to your baby's unique way of communicating with you through Newborn ZONES and SOS's.  


Secure your place. Limited seats available. 

Looking forward to seeing you soon 

Free In Home Clarity Session

Feel Nurtured and Supported

Support for Mothers

I am passionate about helping mothers after child birth to become the ‘Great’ Mothers they want to be.  I support and nurture mothers in a way that makes their heart sing. I teach mothers how to embrace ‘Baby Brain’ and activate the love hormone, oxytocin,  so they can feel peace and joy in motherhood.  

Unsettled Infant Support

Parents have often come to me feeling exhausted and overwhelmed, not knowing how to manage their unsettled infant. I teach parents about Newborn Zones and infant SOS’s and provide parents with one on one support, with practical steps they can take to calm their crying baby and help their baby sleep well.


Breastfeeding Support

As a Lactation Consultant I help mothers achieve their hearts desire of successfully breastfeeding. I listen to their stories, support their decisions and help them overcome breastfeeding challenges such as mastitis, low milk supply and nipple trauma.  We rejoice in successes together knowing the hard road they have travelled.


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