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Hi, I'm Margaret.
 A big welcome to all you expectant parents out there.  

  Whether this is your 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th baby you are in the right place.

  Maha Mothering  supports you as a new Mother after child birth.

  Maha Mothering is where Great Mothers are Born!



You are dreaming about your happy healthy baby but fearful of not knowing what to do once your baby is born.
  •  Or perhaps being pregnant again reignites the struggles you experienced in the past, with breastfeeding or an unsettled baby, where you were left feeling physically and emotionally drained.
  •  Do you have practical support available to you? Are you  new to town or is your partner a fly-in fly-out worker?
  •  Do you have a great network of family and friends but they are unsure how best to support you?

If any of this rings true for you, then Maha Mothering can be your helping hand to create a blanket of support around you, so that you feel peace and joy in motherhood.


 Maha Mothering believes that it takes a village to bring up a child and that mothers are not meant to do it alone.

In our culture, postnatal support is not the norm. In ancient traditional cultures, the 42 days following a birth is considered a sacred window of opportunity for a mother to recover and bond with her  baby.  People from the village took on the worry of household chores so that the mother could solely focus on herself and her newborn.

This of course is in the ideal world. Commonly in our western culture, the hectic pace of living and commitment to working long hours does not really support this practice. This places women under pressure to meet  expectations from all directions. 



Be Nurtured and Supported

 Has  our focus on the 'baby' over-ridden the importance of the mother and how we nurture her after child birth?

Science tells us that the postpartum period is a critical time for mothers; a time of sensitivity and vulnerability, as their brain rewires to learn the new skills necessary to care for their new born baby.

  • Our modern mothers today are literally bombarded with information, but few have actually experienced the generational village concept, where women of all ages have different nurturing roles.
  • Finding out what your unique family will look like can take time. Seeking support and asking for help may be just what you need as you grow into that happy, loving family that your heart desires.
  • Is the secret to a happy baby, happy father and happy family - a happy mother? One that feels supported in just the right way?


All mothers need to be nurtured in a way that makes their heart sing; where the 'love hormone' (oxytocin) is in balance so that mothers can feel relaxed, calm and able to cope. 

Being a mother of two,  I understand about 'the parent journey'. This is why I created Maha Mothering; a private practice that offers one on one innovative support to mothers after childbirth, in the comfort of their own home. 

Maha Mothering takes the worry out of those first few months so that you can become that independent, self assured ‘GREAT’ mother you want to be. 

I will help you discover what you love to do, what makes you smile and what makes you laugh so as to build your oxytocin reserve and  feel at ease with everyday mothering. 

Be prepared for when you go home with your baby. Be enlightened and uplifted when you need it most. Learn about  Mothering in the Moment.  Arrange your free 'clarity' session prior to your baby's birth. 

Getting to know you is important to me - because it's all about you.

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