Why Maha

Maybe  you are  wondering what is  "Maha" and what does it have to do with  Mothering?

Simply, "Maha" is an Indian word for "Great"It  comes from the ancient Indian  word 'Maharishi'; maha`- meaning great” and rsi meaning “seer”. (Check it out in the well known online dictionary!)


I chose the name for my business as I  really believe that within each mother is "a true and loving mother" - one  that wants nothing better than to be a “Great Mother”.

In times long past,  a Mother was viewed as the Great Goddess; the inner centre, heart or core of each family.


I believe the weeks following birth  are a sacred  time for a mother and baby to get to know each other;  a time for each mother to be treated as a Great Goddess,  to be surrounded by a circle of support, to be nourished and nurtured, so that they can become the Great Mother they want to be.  Birth is just for one day but being a mother is for a lifetime!



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